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Two of my favorite things? Photography and helping others succeed. So, 18 years and counting I've been walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk. Life is about finding your purpose & when you are on fire for something, it shows. I am grateful for my clients who support this dream. And, what's more fun than sharing my knowledge and experience with others interested in photography so they can succeed?


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Client Services

 If you're a current client or in search of your
  · Wedding Photographer   
  · Event Photographer

 · Commercial Photographer
  (People & Product)
· Branding  ·  Advertising
 ·  Marketing · Head shots  Lifestyle Publication


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Coaching & Mentoring

For photographers who are just starting out or wanting to level up. 
Tailored Mentorship
1:1 Coaching   ·  Group Workshops

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April & Co. Podcast

By photographers for photographers. I'm joined by other professional photographers and we're talking photography. Send your questions in, listen up and join us as we share advice and wisdom on the good, bad, physical and emotional spectrum of the photographer's experience.

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and more

Let's just say photography chose me first, then I pursued a BA in Professional Photography. Had I known all that I would experience because of photography, I wouldn't change a thing.
4 cities, 18 years, hundreds of clients, and thousands of projects later, I'm here to share with you and I PROMISE to help with an 'ask me anything' mentality. Want to know more about me and get a little personal? 

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To deliver a professional experience and high quality imagery to clients. To help other photographers reach

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 their level of

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